Virtual Visits

Magical Virtual Visit

You can now have a Virtual Visit with Santa at any time of the year, anywhere in the world.

When you have a Virtual Visit with Santa at the North Pole, you can ask questions, get updated on your “Naughty or Nice” status, and so much more.

Virtual Visits can happen any time of the year for any occasion:

  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Hospital Stays
  • Special Accomplishments
  • Or just for the Fun Of It!


And here’s the best part, Cincy Santa will record the Virtual Visit and send you the recording or a link to it. Imagine, you can now see & hear the entire Virtual Visit with Santa Claus and even share it on social media.

With input from the parents, Santa could chat with the children about:

  • Something good they have done or accomplished
  • Sports or activities they like
  • School and their favorite teacher or subject
  • Something they could improve on
  • Their favorite gift from Santa last Christmas

Virtual Visits are very different than the Santa visits you may be accustomed to, or at least they can be. You can even include a parent who may be serving in the military and not able to be home, or the grandparents no matter where they are.

Virtual Visits are usually longer visits than a typical mall or store visit. Santa can spend more time asking and answering questions. Santa can even tell a story or sing a song… it will be SO MUCH fun!

When you schedule a Virtual Visit with Cincy Santa you’re in for a VERY SPECIAL TREAT.

Cincy Santa is one of the top Santa’s in Cincinnati with over 12 years’ experience. You probably have seen him at Holiday Junction at the Cincinnati Museum Center, where he has entertained children with his “Stories From the North Pole,”  or one of his many casual encounters with the children by the trains or at the Lego table.

Yes, Cincy Santa is perfect for a Virtual Visit. He has the looks, the personality, the amazing North Pole set-up, and, of course, the experience to make this an extraordinary experience.

Magical Virtual Visit:

  • Video Chat on Zoom ( up to 3 children – lasting approximately 10-15 minutes)

  • Basic Magical Virtual Visit $35.00

Personal Pre-Recorded Video Message

Personalized videos are a lot of fun… and they’re not just for children any more.
Imagine, you could have Cincy Santa create a special message to a coworker, a friend, your social media followers, your customers… let your imagination run wild.

  • Pre-Recorded Video Message (approx. 7-10 minutes) $35.00.

Classroom Virtual Visit

Virtual Visits are also available for your class at school! Santa will Live Stream right into the classroom and chat with the children specifically about what is going on at their school.

  • Classroom Virtual Visit (approx. 10-15 minutes) $30.00

Virtual Storytelling

‘The Magic of Christmas’ and ‘Storytime For Children’ are both available for families or larger groups. These are perfect for businesses that want to do something special for their employees or associates. Read more about Storytelling

  • Virtual Stories From The North Pole (approx. 20-30 minutes) $200.00.


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