Stories From the North Pole

It’s pretty quiet up here at the North Pole right now. The elves are making use of the down time to go to the beach or visit their friends and family. You may even see MS Claus and myself from time to time, although we try to stay undercover when we travel in the off-season.

With some extra time before we start gearing up for the next Christmas Season, I thought it might be fun to share some stories with you. Have you ever wondered what it is really like being at the North Pole?

Maybe you would like to know about the elves that help me, like Bernard, Highstep, Judy, and Doheny. What do Scout Elves or the Mail Elves do? Do you think I have a favorite elf?

Maybe you want to know about MS Claus and how important she is to Christmas. Our anniversary will be coming up soon, maybe you’d like to know how we met or when we got married?

Do I have any friends at the North Pole, and if so, who are they?

Have you ever heard of the JATS Corps? Who are they and how do they help Santa?

Then there are the reindeer. How many do I actually have, and do they all fly?

So many questions to answer. And of course, you can always write to me and ask me about something you want to know about.

On Mondays, beginning in July, I will be posting stories to answer some of these questions as well as describe some everyday experiences at the North Pole. I just hope that MS Claus and the elves don’t mind when I share stories about them.

See you soon!

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