Lucky Charm

Lucky Charm

“Did you hear if anyone found Lyra’s good luck charm?” Ms. Claus asked after completing our meeting in the mailroom.

“I don’t know. I’m heading over to Bernard’s office to see if there is any news about it.”

“That necklace and locket mean so much to Lyra,” Anya responded as she walked me to the door. “After all, her mother gave it to her when she was young. Lyra believes that everything she accomplishes is because of that charm.”

I hugged my wife and made my way to Bernard’s office. Since most of the elves did not believe in good luck charms, I worried that they would not take looking for it very seriously.

I found Bernard sitting at his desk, talking with Lyra, seated in front of him.

“Any news about the charm?” I asked as I sat in a chair next to Lyra.

“Not yet, but I have every workshop supervisor and department head looking for that necklace. Bernard shook his head. “No offense Lyra, but not everyone believes in charms.”

“True, but good luck charms give those who wear them a sense of confidence,” I responded in a calm voice. “They believe that positive things will happen if the object is worn or carried.”

Bernard folded his arms over his chest and glared at me. “OK. Tell me how they work.”

“The object itself doesn’t bring good luck.” I laughed and shook the bells on my boots. “See these? They came from my first sleigh. I don’t always wear them here at the North Pole. Yet when I travel, especially when I’m making my Christmas deliveries, I never leave without them.”

“Those bells are your good luck charm? Who knew?!” Bernard threw his head back and howled.

Lyra smiled and moved her chair closer to Bernard’s desk. “I bet you two didn’t know that Quentin has a lucky charm,” she whispered. “Whenever he draws the final design for a toy, he uses a special pen.”

I stared at Lyra. “Really? Quentin? Never thought he believed in lucky charms.”

Before Bernard could react, the three of us heard a knock.

When the door opened, Houser, the elf in charge of the warehouses, and Duffer, one of his workers, entered the office. Duffer put his hand in his pocket and when he took it back out, he dangled a chain and locket in the air.

“You found it!” Lyra rushed over, took the chain from the young elf, and gave him a big hug.

“I discovered it on the floor in the doll warehouse yesterday,” Duffer explained as his shoulders slumped forward. “The chain was broken, so that’s probably how you lost it.”

“I’m sure I can fix or replace the chain; it’s the locket that’s important to me,” Lyra responded as she danced around Bernard’s office with excitement.

“Duffer there is one thing I don’t understand,” I started as I stroked my beard. “If you found this yesterday, and you knew it was Lyra’s, why didn’t you give it back to her right away?”

Duffer shuffled and looked own at his feet. “Well Santa, you know that even when I mean well by doing something, it usually ends up going wrong. After I found Lyra’s good luck charm, I thought that maybe if it worked for her, it could work for me?”

“Duffer,” I said shaking my head, “lucky charms don’t function that way. Though they can be anything, it’s the special meaning the owner gives them that seems to create their magic.”

“You are so right, Santa,” Lyra shouted. “This locket has been passed down from mother to oldest daughter for generations. It contains a picture of my Great, Great, Great, Grandmother and has a very special meaning. I think that’s why it brings me luck. I feel like all my grandmothers are watching over me.”

Walking towards Duffer, she put her hand on his arm. “Why don’t I work with you for a couple days. Maybe my luck will rub off on you, or maybe I can help you find your own good luck charm.”

“Great!” Duffer responded with a smile while the two elves turned to leave the office.

“I hope you learned a lesson, Duffer,” I began and opened the door. “Next time you find something that belongs to someone else, return it right away.”

“No problem, Santa.”

I watched the two of them stroll down the hall and heard Duffer whisper, “Thanks Lyra. I sure could use some good luck. Maybe, you’ll become my lucky charm.” The two elves giggled and continued down the corridor.

I looked at Bernard and Houser. “I love the way elves help each other. I am so glad I chose to work with the Elves over the Gnomes and Dwarfs.”

“Let’s face it, Santa,” beamed Bernard. “We are the best thing that has happened to the North Pole in ages. “I’d say you lucked out when we joined your team.”

Notes From Santa

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