Lego Contest

Lego Contest

The dining room was buzzing with talk about the contest. Since the first of the year, the elves had been behind closed doors, designing and building something special from Legos.

“I think the elves are more excited about the Lego parade than they were for Christmas,” Anya teased.

“I don’t think so! Christmas IS the MOST exciting day!” I growled turning to hide the grin on my face.

“Real funny, big guy! So how many entries are there this year?” my wife asked.

“Each of the 15 toy workshops entered the contest. I’m a little concerned though.”


“How do I choose the best, especially since all of them have put so much work into their Lego creations.”

Before Anya could respond, Hobbs, manager of the Arts & Crafts Workshop, placed a small plate of cookies on the table. “We had extra and thought you might like them, Santa.”

I gave the elf a suspicious look. “This wouldn’t be a bribe for me to vote on your workshop’s entry.”

The foreman put his hands on his chest and grinned. “What? Me? I’m insulted you’d think that!”

After the elf left, I looked at Anya. “Cookies were obviously meant for me, but you’re a judge as well.”

“Not to worry. Hulta gave me some beautiful flowers earlier on behalf of her Stuffed Animal’s workshop.”

I reached for a cookie and laughed. “It is fun getting all these extras.”

My wife gently slapped my hand. “Maybe you should save those cookies for later.”

“You’re right. We better get out to the courtyard. The parade should be starting soon.”

After I wrapped the cookies and stuffed them in my pocket, we left for the courtyard. A crowd of excited elves cheered when Ms. Claus and I arrived and walked up the gazebo steps.

“We didn’t get a welcome like that,” Bernard teased.

“Santa’s arrival means we can start the Lego parade,” Highstep joked and poked Bernard with his elbow.

Lego FlowerBefore anyone else said anything, the first Lego float appeared. It was a flower, about five foot wide, made by the Science and Nature workshop.

“Look at the blend of reds and yellows used to create the flower,” Ms. Claus began. “Exquisite.”

As the flower passed by, Highstep was jumping up and down. “OMG, look at what’s coming next!”

“A Delorian,” I murmured. “Whoa this was created by the members of the Cars-Trucks workshop. That type of car was made in 1981 and 1982. I remember when it appeared in, Back to the Future? Great movie,” I exclaimed.

“I think you’ll find the next one equally impressive,” Anya commented as a full-size Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, made by the Bicycle and Scooter’s workshop, came into view.

“Cool,” I said and my two elves nodded in agreement.

“Oh my,” Anya gasped, “Check out the replica of Australia’s Opera House. IOpera House didn’t think Building and Construction could make shapes like that with Legos.”

Then the Opera House began to turn to show the back side. “Now that’s amazing!” I cried. “Look! It’s open and you can see inside the building!”

“Spectacular!” the four of us whispered.

As the parade continued, we watched several floats pass in front of us. Each as unique as the next.

  • Arts and Crafts- Spouting volcano
  • Board and Card Games- Game of Clue with moving parts
  • Electronic Toys and Games- Robot with glowing eyes
  • Kites, Planes, and Rockets- Rocket ready to take off in a cloud of smoke and fire
  • Special Stuffed Animals- Orca leaping above the waves
  • Sports and Outdoors- Player shooting a soccer ball into the goal
  • Clothing and Shoes- Four styles of snow boots from around the world

When the last two floats passed by, Anya and I were amazed. Dolls and Costumes had joined together and displayed two costumes for the doll in a stroller. This was followed by Trains and Wooden toys who developed a toy train pulled by a child.

“Can you believe that,” Highstep and Bernard yelled. “The elves outdid themselves this year.”

Lego MotorcycleThe elves then gathered around the gazebo and waited while the four judges conferred with each other. “I think all the workshops created some amazing items,” Bernard stated as he looked at each of us. “But if I had to choose, I’d say the winner was Australia’s Opera House.”

“Well, I disagree,” began Highstep. “The only choice here is the Delorian.”

“But what about the flower,” Anya questioned. “That was gorgeous! Santa, what was your favorite?”

“Well, I can see why you all picked the ones you did.” I stroked my beard and wondered who deserved to win.  When I saw the judges looking to me for a resolution, I nodded. “Okay, I think I got this.”

I turned towards the crowd of elves and held my hands up to quiet them down. “Thank you all for being here today, and a special thanks to the elves who worked on these fantastic Lego exhibits. I know everyone is anxious to know the winner, so here it is. The most unusual vehicle goes to the Delorian.”

“The elves began cheering, and again I raised my hands to settle them down. “For best Nature, the winner is the flower. The most intricate was the Opera House. For best animal . . .”

Bernard, whispered to the other judges, “Leave it to Santa to figure out a way for everyone to win!”

“I don’t think any of us would expect anything less from Santa than to make everyone happy,” Anya murmured and stood proudly with the two elves while I gave out the awards.

Notes From Santa

I hope you enjoyed today’s story. Stories are posted on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, except December. Santa’s next story will be posted on Saturday March 2, 2024.  If you have any comments or if there is something you would like me to tell you about, please feel free to leave me a comment. Until the next time . . .

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