Invisible Elves

Santa's Scout Elves

Excitement in the classroom was high as the Scout Elves were preparing for their return to children’s homes for the Christmas Season. As Birdie, the elf in charge, finished explaining the procedures for remaining still when the children were present, Elfanzo asked, “Wouldn’t it be easier if we were invisible?”

Tiny wasted no time adding, “It sure would make our jobs a lot more fun!”

“Okay, everyone settle down,” Birdie responded as the classroom erupted in loud comments. Once the elves stopped talking, she continued, “First of all, being invisible is not even an option since elfin magic does not include doing that.”

Noticing Syrup’s hand waving in the air, Birdie called her name.  Standing up she remarked, “I hear that the Snow Fairies have a magic Gold Dust that can make elves invisible.”

“That is just a rumor,” explained Birdie.  “No one, not even Santa, has ever seen Gold Fairy Dust. Besides, if it existed, I’m sure Queen Gwendolen would have shared that with Santa if she thought it would help us. Besides, I do not see how that would make your job easier.”

Glancing around the room, Elfanzo decided to speak for all the elves. “If we were invisible,” he said carefully,   “we could follow the children around the house to see what they did.”

“Why would you need to do that?” Birdie asked as she leaned on her desk. “With your superior hearing, you can hear what they were doing and saying.”

Not waiting for Birdie to call on him, Max blurted out, “But if we could follow them, we could get our work for Santa done in less time.”

Sounding a little troubled, Birdie replied, “I really don’t think rushing to get your job finished is a good thing. You need to observe them for several weeks to really get to know them.” Just then the door to the classroom opened and Birdie and the elves turned to see who had entered the room.

“Good morning everyone,” I said walking over towards Birdie.

All the elves stood by their desks and in unison said, “Good morning Santa.”

“Birdie, are you ready for me to talk with the elves about their reporting back to me while visiting the children?”

Birdie signaled to her elves to return to their seats and said, “To tell you the truth Santa, we seem to have gotten off track a bit.”

“Should I return later then?”

“Actually, I think I may need your help. The Scout Elves think it would be better if they were invisible . . .”

“What! And ruin all the fun for the children?” I asked in a booming voice.

“How would that ruin their fun?” Tiny shouted. Realizing he spoke without being called on he added, “I’m sorry.”

“That’s okay,” I replied. “I appreciate your enthusiasm for helping the children have the best Christmas.”

“Santa, maybe the elves need to hear your reasoning for not being invisible,” Birdie said as she pointed towards the elves.

Walking to the center of the room, I began. “First of all, when a Scout Elf arrives at the home of a child, that little boy or girl is reminded that Christmas is coming. It signals all children that I am watching them to make sure they are behaving.”

“All the decorations around town and in the stores could do that as well,” Max explained.

“You are right. But let me ask you this; how many of you have had children tell you what they wanted for Christmas?” Noticing all hands go up, I asked, “And how often did they tell you later that they changed their minds about something they wanted?” All the elves kept their hands up. “Well,” I continued as I stroked my beard, “I don’t think the decorations could help them with that, do you?”

“They could go visit you or one of your J.A.T.S. (Jolly Assistants To Santa) and explain directly,” Syrup insisted.

“They could, but since all of you know that children change their minds often, they cannot just run out to see me whenever they want.” Pausing, I watched as the elves nodded in agreement. “Besides,” I continued, “if you were invisible, the children would never catch you in the middle of playing, causing you to freeze right there.”

Birdie snapped to attention and looked at me. “Santa I always tell them not to do those silly things . . . “

“Birdie, it’s not a problem. I actually enjoy it.” All the elves began looking at each other in surprise. “The children love telling me about Scout Elf antics. Max, I still remember when little Sally told me about you making snow angels in the sugar.” Hearing a huge gasp coming from the elves I pointed to Syrup, “And how could I forget when Tommie told me how you played golf with a candy cane and a miniature marshmallow.”

Syrup’s face turned red as she giggled. “I remember how it made the children laugh. Even the parents thought it was funny.”

“I think all of you get my point,” I explained. “What’s the fun in being invisible when the children love seeing you?”

Smiling, I made a quick sweep of the room and noticed Elfanzo’s unhappy face. “Do you have something you would like to say Elfanzo?”

Standing next to his desk, the elf looked at the floor and said, “I’m sorry for the idea of being invisible. I should have known that you have nothing but the best interests of the children in mind.”

“Never be sorry for having an idea. Over all these years, many elves and fairies have made suggestions that I have used to make Christmas better. I am always open to new ideas that will help bring as much joy and happiness as we can to children and their families during the Christmas Season.”

As a smile crept across Elfanzo’s face, I relaxed and turned to face Birdie. “You have a sensational group of Scout Elves this year. Their ideas and enthusiasm will bring more excitement to the Christmas season.”

Bringing a stool over for me to sit on, Birdie said, “Now that we have that settled, Santa, I think maybe you should go over the Scout Elf reporting procedures.”

Notes From Santa

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