COVID Christmas

Christmas During COVID

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 Pandemic has had a global impact on everyone’s life. In addition to the health and economic losses, the disruption to our daily routines and the things we take for granted can be difficult. We know that the Holiday Season will need to be different this year and we can control (at least a little bit) how much we let the changes affect our holiday spirit.With bells ringing and many Ho Ho Ho’s, Santa Claus will come to your home! The children will experience the wonder of Santa and discover some secrets of the North Pole as Santa comes prepared to tell stories about the North Pole, which may include: his reindeer and how they fly, how he gets down the chimney or in the house if there is no chimney, how he gets all the toys into his bag, how Never fairies help him and more.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions for 2020 Santa Visits

All Santa Bookings will be made with the understanding that at a minimum, any government mandates or health advisories in place at the time of the visit will be followed. Santa will wear a clear mask during the visit at all times that social distancing is not practical. Guests visiting Santa will wear a mask at all times when social distancing is not practical. All visits will be no contact.

Planning A Santa Visit

When COVID and the traditional cold and flu season are combined with a ‘senior’ Santa and extended family and friends traveling for visits, there is very little doubt that a visit from Santa this season will need to include steps to keep everyone as safe as possible. At the same time, I think it is important that we not allow the inconvenience of a few simple precautions dampen the spirit of joy that is the heart of the Christmas Season. Below are a few ideas that can make an in-person Santa visit easier to manage during this COVID Christmas.

Smaller Groups

Particularly for in-home visits, having fewer people will allow more room and a more controlled visit. If Santa is to be a part of a larger and longer holiday party, consider scheduling Santa to stop in for a short story and visit at a specified time. A visit that traditionally finds Santa surrounded by dozens of excited children at the door will probably not work this year.

Create a Santa Zone

A chair for Santa with a seat on both sides and space behind will allow room for individual or small group photos without the need for children climbing up on Santa’s lap. Creating a defined space will help control traffic flow and prevent crowding.

Embrace the Mask

Sometimes, the most memorable photos of children with Santa are those when an infant is crying or a toddler is making a very ‘Grinchy’ face. More often than not, those pictures are more memorable than a staged photo. With that in mind, think about providing fun masks for the kids and encouraging your guests to bring a festive holiday mask to wear during their visit with Santa.

Santa’s Helper for Larger Gatherings

If you are considering a larger gathering or drop-in for a commercial visit, restaurant, HOA, or even a large family gathering…it might be best to appoint a ‘Santa’s Helper’ who can assist with social distancing, traffic flow inside the event, entrances and exits, and other precautions that might be in place.

Children Are Believers

Reindeer can fly, elves make toys, and Santa can deliver to all of the houses in one night! Children want to believe and a simple face mask or Santa shield is not going to change that. Preparing the kids in advance for these changes helps keep the Santa magic alive for another year.