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Santa Claus Belt Buckle

A Walk in the Red Suit

Looking for a unique speaker for your next luncheon, dinner, or event?

Who does not love Santa? He brings smiles and memories wherever he goes. Have you ever thought about how someone becomes Santa or what it is like to be Santa? It’s a world that not many people get to experience.

Now Cincy Santa (Santa Pat) has put together a story for you and your guests to share his unique experience. You’ll hear about how he actually became Santa and share stories about his encounters with children as well as adults that he has meet along the way. In addition, you will hear how his life has been transformed by portraying the greatest legend of our time, Santa Claus.

You’ll laugh and maybe even cry but you will believe in the goodness of people and the magic that is Christmas. If you ever wondered what it is like being Santa then invite Cincy Santa to your event for “A Walk in the Red Suit” and you will not be disappointed.

Cost of this event is $175

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Listen to sample story told Live at the Cincy Storytellers 'Holiday Spectacular' on December 13, 2017

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