Changing Times

Changing Times

Grabbing another cup of cocoa, I left the empty dining hall and made my way to the meeting room. I was not looking forward to the discussion about social media. I shook my head and muttered, “Too much of that gets in the way of children having fun or parents playing with their kids. I don’t see the need for it.”

“Talking to yourself Santa?”

Looking up, I smiled as Anya joined me. “Yes, I was. You know how I feel about this meeting.”

“I realize that social media can be crushing for those who don’t understand its value, but Santa, I have never known you to ignore something different that could reach more children and their families,” said Anya as she gave my hand a squeeze. “Be patient dear and listen to what the elves have to say. I don’t think you will be disappointed.”

“I’ll try, but how will something I don’t find useful help me with Christmas? Besides,” I snapped, “I don’t have time for this Instagram and Twitter stuff I’ve been hearing about lately.”

Stopping to give me a hug, Ms. Claus laughed. “Now Santa, the elves have all kinds of skills, and they will give you as much help as you need.” Slipping her arm through mine, Anya urged me to continue down the hall.

Arriving on time, we entered the room and took our seats as Maria opened the meeting. “Santa, before we begin,” she said in her cheerful voice.  “I want you to realize that my team is going to handle most of social media for you. After all, this is more than any person could handle alone.”

“Well, if that’s the case then why do I need to be here?” I answered as I got up to leave.

“Wait a minute, Santa,” Anya responded grabbing my hand and urging me to sit. “You need to at least understand how social media can be useful. Remember, you promised to listen.”

I nodded and took my seat. “This better be good,” I said trying to smile. Maria was my best elf when it came to working with any type of media. I owed it to her and the group to listen, even though I was doubtful.

“As you can see, I have my team ready to take on this new task,” Maria explained, pointing to Becca, Katie, and Brandy, seated at the table. “There are several elves handling the mail we receive from around the world,” she continued, “and I developed a group to do the same with social media. I like to call us your Social Media Advisers.”

“Hmm, I kind of like the sound of that. But I still don’t see why we need to do this.”

“Communication!” Brandy exclaimed. “We need to cover all the ways people, even children, contact one another today. With social media, the children and parents get on their phones or computers and read messages posted on their pages.”

“Why don’t they just visit their friends? I really think they spend too much time on these computer and phone gadgets as it is,” I said becoming a little restless.

In an attempt to calm me, Ms. Claus responded, “Times change dear. As a child, you lived in a small town with other children who lived close by, so it was easy to play together. Today, children sometimes live several miles from their friends, so communicating through social media becomes necessary.”

“If that’s the case, why not write letters. Now that’s a great way to connect with your friends and family,” I insisted. “I can still remember when several countries started service to deliver mail. It was so exciting to receive letters from children!”

Becca was quick to add, “Then around 1876 the telephone was invented . . .”

“I think we are getting off the subject now,” Maria interrupted, leaning forward over the table. “We all appreciate the way it was when we were young and find the new ways somewhat troubling. I don’t think everyone has to totally embrace social media, but we must recognize it as the way of the newer generations.”

“That’s right, Santa,” Ms. Claus began. “Maria and her team will do all the work and provide you with a summary of all the conversations, just like Carter and all these elves do with the letters from the children.”

Maria looked back and forth between Anya and myself and added, “That’s true, but you will also need to give us some stories or thoughts we can post for you.”

“For example, you could write short stories that describe what happens here at the North Pole,” Brandy explained. “Then we would post them or anything else that you may want to tell the children and their parents.”

“Oh, that could be fun Santa,” Ms. Claus said, excitedly rubbing her hands together. “You and I could share stories or events that no one gets to see or hear about because they don’t live at the North Pole.”

“You’re right,” I thought, “but there has to be more to it than those stories.”

“That’s what you have us for,” Katie, another member of the Social Media Advisors, remarked. “We can post pictures, drawings, cookie recipes, and more. The list is as endless as your imagination Santa.”

Giving some thought to all the suggestions, I nodded. “I could even send a quick message to those being good and advice to those struggling to behave, right?”

“YES!” Becca exclaimed, “You’re on the right track, Santa. Our team will follow the use of social media by the boys and girls worldwide and report back to you with what they are doing.”

“So, it will give me even more information to help in deciding who belongs on the nice or naughty list.”

When Maria, and her team of elves nodded in agreement, my wife smiled. “I think you’re beginning to understand, Santa. We could even post pictures of us when we travel to different parts of the world. How much fun would that be!” cried Anya.

“Ms. Claus is right Santa, and Instagram is a good way to post pictures on the Internet to all your friends at once,” Katie said.

I leaned back in my chair and while stroking my beard explained, “I’d still like to see the children playing outside more and with one another instead of looking at a computer screen.”

“Santa, no one is going to argue with you about that,” Anya began as she looked around the table. “But you have always adapted to the new ways as they have come along. This is just another adjustment we all have to make to keep up with the changing times.”

“As always, you are right,” I said looking directly at Ms. Claus. “If these elves are going to handle making the posts and responding to the children, then I’m okay with this social media plan,” I replied grinning.

“You’ll not be sorry, Santa,” Maria announced. “All we ask is that you share with us anything important that that should be shared with the children and parents. Your Social Media Advisors will do the rest.”

Anya held my arm with both hands as we began walking toward the door and whispered, “See it was not that bad. The new S.M.A. team will handle it all so that you can still concentrate on the real business of preparing for Christmas and making the children happy.”

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