Green Magic Fairy Dust

While visiting some of my J.A.T.S. (Jolly Assistants To Santa) in Kentucky, I enjoyed listening to my helpers discuss the questions asked by children.

“Sometimes kids will come up to me and say things like, ‘How do I know you’re the real Santa?’” Ed shook his head and grinned. “Never sure how to reply.”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! I get that all the time when I visit down here,” I answered. “I tell them, ‘You don’t.’ They always give me a weird look. Then I lean in towards them and in a quiet voice say, ‘You’ll know the real Santa when you see him.’ And that makes all children think. Try it sometime.”

My helpers laughed and continued to describe their interactions with children they saw throughout the year, especially in December.

Santa Tom, seated in the front row, stood up. “Seriously Santa, I think there is one question that stumps us all the time. How do you get all the gifts into that big bag of yours and onto your sleigh?”

Before I could answer, Santa Pat jumped up. “Yeah, I hear you, Tom. But I also want to know how Santa finds the right gifts for each house in that huge bag.”

The room went quiet. I could see many of the Santas nodding their heads.

“I think your bag is like a worm hole that the presents travel through,” shouted Santa Pat, “like the little girl in Christmas Chronicles found herself inside, after she crawled into Santa’s bag!”

“I bet the reindeer don’t like pulling all that weight either!” Santa Tom hollered.

When the room erupted in questions and comments, I let the J.A.T.S. continue for a while, then I held up my hand.

The room went silent as all my helpers looked to each other hoping someone would know how I did it. After a few seconds, I said, “Teletransportation. Would you like me to demonstrate how it works?”

All my assistants stared with puzzled expressions. While they mumbled, I grabbed my bag and handed it to Santa Tom. “Check my bag and see if it’s empty?”

After Tom bobbed his head, I smiled. “I understand your granddaughter Sarah would like a Monster High Raven Rhapsody Doll.”

“That’s right.”

I then picked up my Elf Communicator. “Houser are you there?”

“Ready when you are Santa,” my warehouse manager replied.

“Send Sarah’s,” I directed. Then I looked at Santa Tom, “Now check my bag again.”

Reaching inside, he pulled out the Monster High Doll, while the others muttered in disbelief.

“OK Santa Pat, it’s your turn to check out my bag.” I watched him as he turned it inside out to show that it was empty. “Thanks. Now, I know your grandson Luke loves Legos, especially Star Wars.”

He grinned. “That’s right.”

Again, I picked up the communicator. “Houser send Luke’s.” Then I pointed to the bag my assistant was still holding and motioned him to look inside.

Santa Pat opened the bag, peeked inside, and then pulled out a Lego kit for the Millenium Falcon.

All the J.A.T.S. oohed and awed. “How’d you do that?” one of them shouted.

“Green Fairy Dust from the Arctic Fairies. When I leave one house, the elves sprinkle just a little bit of green fairy dust on the gifts for the next house and they arrive in my bag, ready for me to deliver.”

“So, it just works sending things from the North Pole to your bag?” Santa Dan asked.

“Actually, I use it for me as well.”

“Why would you send presents back to the North Pole?” a helper in the back asked.

“Oh, I would never do that!” I patted my big belly and asked, “Do you think I eat all those cookies everyone leaves out for me?”

Most of my assistants nodded, pointing to my belly.

“If I did, Ms. Claus would not be happy. She’d put me on a diet, and I don’t like diets!” Reaching towards the table, I grabbed a few cookies and popped one in my mouth. “I just can’t resist,” I giggled.

“Now let me show you how I avoid my wife’s diet. At each house I try to eat one cookie to see who makes the best. All the extras I put into a sack.”

I placed the other two cookies into a bag, then I pulled out a small jar of Green Magic Fairy Dust from my pocket. When I took the lid off, all the J.A.T.S. cheered as a green glow escaped from the jar. Then I took a pinch and sprinkled it on the bag. Poof, it was gone.

The assistants sat with their mouths wide open. After a few moments, Santa Geoge yelled out, “That’s just some magic trick you learned from a magician!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho! While it is magic, it is not a trick.” Picking up my elf communicator, I clicked the talk button. “Houser, did you get anything from me?”

“Yes, I did Santa. Do I get to eat these?”

“Of course. Thank you for helping out today.”

“No problem. I’ll see you later when you return to Christmas Village.”

“Now you all know how . . .”

“Wait a minute,” Santa Pete began as he stood up. “What happens to all the cookies you send back to the North Pole? Do you eat them when you return?”

“If I ate all of them, I’d not only get sick, but my belly would be a lot bigger than it already is. Instead, I gather all the cookies and take them to the dining hall where Ms. Claus sets out some milk and hot cocoa. We then invite all the elves down for a big cookie and milk party.”

I looked around the room as my helpers sat quietly amazed. “Now when you represent me, you can properly answer the children.”

“Thanks for sharing, Santa!” several J.A.T.S. exclaimed.

“I appreciate all you do to help me out. With almost two billion children, I could not be everywhere to see them before Christmas, but with assistants like you, it will seem like I am.”

“And make you even more magical!” Santa Ed exclaimed.

“No – make Christmas more magical!”

Notes From Santa

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Christmas On Mars

Walking through the courtyard on my way to meet my wife, I heard a lively conversation among some of the elves. “That will never happen!” I heard one yell and quickly made my way towards the group.

“What’s going on here?” I demanded.

Startled to hear my voice, all the elves turned toward me and went silent.


Quentin, director of research and development, stepped forward. “We were just talking about the possibility that in the near future you might have to start making deliveries on Mars.”

“Ho, Ho, Ho,” I laughed. “It’s hard enough delivering to almost 2 billion children on this planet.”

“I’m telling you, Santa, that’s the future, and it’s closer to reality than you think.”

I shook my head and stared at Quentin. Some of the elves nodded in agreement while others tried to hold back their chuckles.

Quentin returned my stare and folded his arms.  “Think about this. Remember when you first started? You only took things to families in your home town.”

“Of course, everyone knows that and the story of the man with three daughters. What does that have to do with this?”

“Did you ever think when you started that you would do this in other towns?”

“Not really, but . . .”

Quentin was quick to interrupt me. “And did you ever think that you would deliver things to children in other countries?”

“No, but . . .”

Quentin held up his hand as the elves grew restless and began talking. “Wait a minute. Did any of us ever think Santa would have flying reindeer and deliver gifts all over the world in just one night?”

The elves and I realized that Quentin was right. “OK,” I said, “we get that, but what’s your point?”

“Well…. then how do you know that we won’t be making toys for children living on Mars? That possibility is closer than we realize!”

I stroked my beard and thought about the past and what the future could bring. “I see what you mean, but only a handful of robotic, unmanned spacecraft have landed on Mars. A spaceship for human travel has yet to be built. Then look at the distance. A one-way trip to Mars is about 140 million miles and would take at least 9 months for someone to get there. So, I think we have plenty of time to work out the challenges of Christmas delivery to Mars.”

Lyra giggled. “Santa’s right of course, but it’s kind of fun to think about it. After all, since Mars is pretty far away and further from the sun, that makes a year there longer than an earth year.”

“Hum,” said Skippy as he scratched his chin, “families couldn’t celebrate Christmas as often, so the work load here would be more spread out.”

“Good point,” I replied, excited about this new possibility. “But we would have to find an efficient way to get there and back. If it’s nine months both ways, I might miss Christmas here.”

“OMG,” shouted Lyra. “Can you imagine Santa in a space suit?”

“They probably don’t make them that big, do they?” Skippy added.

I chuckled. “By that time, space suits might not even be necessary.”

Quinten again held up his hand as all of us began making jokes about travel to Mars. “Seriously, if colonies on Mars begin, families will be expecting Christmas. Not only do we have to get Santa there safely, but also gifts for the children. Would the Magic Green Fairy Dust work in space to tele-transport them from the North Pole to Santa’s bag?”

“Maybe if the fairy dust worked, we could use it on Santa to get him there too,” Jingles hollered.

“What about the reindeer and sleigh?” Fizzlepop wondered. “Would we need to send all them there as well?”

“Maybe we could create a North Pole outpost on Mars and make everything there,” Lyra insisted.

As the elves continued to add their thoughts and ask questions, I excused myself and headed to the mail room to see Anya.

I shook my head as I heard the elves ask more questions. ‘Will Santa be able to manipulate time like he does on earth? Will they have chimneys for him to get into their homes?’

When I entered the mail room, I saw my wife sitting at her desk. “Afternoon dear.”

Anya looked up. “You’re a little late, aren’t you?”

“Sorry about that. I was stopped by a group of elves talking about Christmas deliveries on Mars.”

My wife pushed back her chair and laughed. “Of course that would seem logical to them. After all, their ancestors came to earth through a worm hole in space. But if you think I’m going to let you start traveling in space, you have another thought coming.”

Notes From Santa

I hope you enjoyed today’s story. Stories are posted on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, except December. Santa’s next story will be posted on Saturday May 18, 2024.  If you have any comments or if there is something you would like me to tell you about, please feel free to leave me a comment. Until the next time . . .

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Solar Eclipse

“You would think it’s Christmas with all the elves cheering,” I told Ms. Claus as we climbed into my sleigh.

“Well, it is a rare day, Santa.”

“It certainly is.” I nodded and helped my wife settle into her seat in front. I watched Blanch, Bernard, Highstep, and Sophia take seats in the back of my sleigh.

“Thanks for taking us with you Santa,” Bernard began. “Even though a solar eclipse happens somewhere every 18 months, they never happen at the North Pole.”

“It’s a pleasure to do something special for my main elves who help make the Christmas season run smoothly. Now let’s enjoy the sights.”

Everyone waved while I guided the sleigh down the runway until the reindeer galloped toward the sky. Then I heard Sophia ask, “So where are we going to watch the eclipse?”

“I thought we’d start just outside of Indianapolis and watch the entire partial eclipse and the full eclipse. According to Cartson, my map maker, the best spot would be on the North side of Franklin, just south of Indianapolis.”

The elves shouted their approval and continued to talk with each other.

I put my hand on Anya’s knee and laughed. “Ready for the thrill of a lifetime?”

“Yessss! I’ve been waiting for this ever since you made plans after Christmas.” She slipped her arm through mine as we flew towards Franklin.

When we reached the area three hours later, I turned my sleigh to the Northeast, lining up with the path of the total eclipse that Cartson had mapped out for me on my sleigh’s location monitor. While descending, I warned everyone to be on the lookout for a place to land and watch. “Remember, I’d like to avoid anyone seeing the sleigh and reindeer.”

“Why?” the elves asked in unison, surprised at my decision.

“It would create too much attention,” Anya answered shaking her head. “Everyone would come over asking questions. Then we’d probably miss the eclipse. I agree with Santa. Let’s keep this private. OK?”

The elves agreed and continued to look for a place to land.

“Down to the right,” Sophia yelled. “Looks like a farm. We could land there just behind the tree line to hide the sleigh and walk out in the field to see everything.”

“Excellent!” I shouted and guided the reindeer to a smooth landing.

Once we were settled on the ground Ms. Claus put up her hand. “Don’t forget the blankets to sit on and be sure to keep your hoodies up over your head. If anyone wanders out into this field, we don’t want them seeing your ears.”

The elves pulled up their hoods and began jumping out of the sleigh.

“Santa, where’s your hoodie?” Bernard teased. “I think the kids may recognize you before our ears!”

I grinned. “That doesn’t happen. When Ms. Claus and I visit places, most people ignore me. On the rare occasion when someone thinks I look like Santa, they always ask if I ever ‘play Santa’, and tell me how much I look like him.”

“You mean they just think you’re one of your J.A.T.S. (Jolly Assistant To Santa)?” Blanch asked with a quizzical look.


All the elves shook their heads in amazement. Finally, Highstep shrugged. “If they only knew. Their loss.”

“Come on,” Blanch hollered, spreading out her blanket. “The partial eclipse is going to start in about 15 minutes. And Santa, don’t forget the picnic basket I packed.”

Anya and I grabbed the basket and a cooler of drinks. The elves laid out the rest of the blankets and settled down for the special solar event. Soon, I noticed several others joining us in the open field. In the distance, I saw cars parked along the road where people had pulled over to watch.

“It’s almost time. Don’t forget to wear your glasses when you look up,” my wife warned everyone.

“It looks like the bottom right of the sun is disappearing,” Highstep roared.

Later, Bernard laughed and pointed skyward. “Reminds me of the Pac Man character in the game we make.”

The afternoon grew cooler while the light faded. We laid back with our funny-looking glasses and watched as the sun shrank in size. When the field around us looked like twilight, I stopped hearing the sounds of birds, replaced by the Spring Peppers.

“I think it’s about to happen,” whispered Anya.

Putting my glasses back on, I looked up and watched as the moon covered the remaining portion of the sun. “Glasses off everyone!” I yelled.

We gazed at the moon and sun in wonder. There was only a glowing ring of light around the totally black moon, and in the farmer’s field it appeared that nighttime had descended upon us.

Everyone was quiet for the next three and a half minutes with an occasional ‘wow’ or ‘this is amazing’ being heard.

Suddenly, at the bottom right where the sun first began to disappear, a small dot of bright sun peaked out again. “Put your glasses back on,” Ms. Claus insisted.

As more and more of the sun re-emerged, Blanch turned towards Anya and me and smiled. “Thank you for bringing us. That was quite the experience. It’s a shame we can’t see it all happen again.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”  Stroking my beard, I thought about what Blanch had said. “Wait a minute. Maybe we can see it again!”

The elves all looked at me as if I was crazy. “We won’t be able to watch the entire partial eclipse again,” I explained, “but if we hurry up and get in the sleigh, we can fly up to where the full eclipse is still happening and watch that part of it again.”

Before I finished, the elves and my wife were already climbing into the sleigh.

“Let’s do this,” I shouted as my team jumped into action.

We caught up with the full eclipse around Buffalo, New York and watched the whole thing again, only this time from the sleigh as we flew along with it.

“Awesome,” screamed Sophia. “We’re actually seeing this while flying in Santa’s sleigh.”

Bernard shook his head and watched in amazement. “It’s a total eclipse on the right and it’s night, while on the other side it’s still daylight.”

As we flew a little longer, Sophia said what we were all thinking. “It’s like everything is shifting from side to side. It’s now full eclipse on the left and dark while partial on the right with light.

When everyone was satisfied with seeing the eclipse from the sleigh, I guided the reindeer back to the North Pole. When we arrived, all the elves were there to welcome us. It felt like Christmas morning.

Once on the ground the reindeer wranglers took care of my team, and the four elves began sharing their stories of what they had seen. It wasn’t long when I heard all the elves laughing. Then Blanch yelled “Hey, do you ever play Santa?”

I looked at Anya and smiled. “I knew I shouldn’t have told them about the adults asking me that.”

Notes From Santa

I hope you enjoyed today’s story. Stories are posted on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, except December. Santa’s next story will be posted on Saturday May 4, 2024.  If you have any comments or if there is something you would like me to tell you about, please feel free to leave me a comment. Until the next time . . .

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Calling Santa

The movie, Beetlejuice, had just ended, and the elves were gathering in the recreational room to play games and enjoy some snacks.

“How cool would it be to just say someone’s name 3 times and they would appear,” Olaf said and pulled out a chair.

“You mean the way the ghost couple got Beetlejuice to show up so he could scare the people living in their house and make them leave?” Syrup asked.

“Yes!” Olaf laughed. “But when I call, I want a real person to appear.”

“Things like that can’t happen. It’s just something to make the movie more fun to watch,” Syrup explained.

“Wait a minute. Why can’t it be real?” Tinsel asked. “Let’s try. Who do we want to come join us?”

“Santa,” yelled Skippy. “He can play some games. Is everyone ready? On three, we’ll all say ‘Santa’ three times. One, two, three . . .”

“Santa – Santa – Santa!”

The elves looked around the room, but no one was there.

Syrup shrugged. “See. I told you. That’s just fun movie stuff.”

“Wait a minute.” Olaf held up his hand. “In the movie they have to say his whole name, Beetlejuice. Maybe we need to repeat Santa Claus three times.”

“If we do this and Santa doesn’t show up,” grumbled Syrup, “can we stop talking about it and play some games?”

When all the elves around the table nodded, Skippy started the count down. “One, two, three . . .”

“Santa Claus – Santa Claus – Santa Claus,” the elves yelled in unison.

Suddenly I found myself standing by a table of elves. “What? How did I get here?”

All the elves sat with their mouths wide open. None of them could believe their eyes.

“Were you hiding so you could trick us?” Tinsel demanded.

“I was just in my office reading some letters. Then all of a sudden, I found myself here. I don’t know what you did, but you better not be playing with the Green Fairy Dust we use to tele-transport toys from the North Pole to my bag on Christmas!”

I grabbed a cookie from the plate on the table and headed back to my office. As I walked through the courtyard, I thought to myself, “I know my elves have many talents, but I didn’t know they could do magic tricks like that. I wonder how . . . “

Before I could finish my thought, I found myself in the kitchen with Hanna and the other baking elves.

“Wait a minute! How did I get here? I was just walking in the courtyard.”

“We heard what the elves in the rec room did and thought we’d try it,” Hanna said.

“We called your name three times, and here you are,” Doheny added.

I shook my head. “Then you really don’t need me, right?”

The elves hung their heads, ashamed to admit the truth.

Doheny quickly grabbed a platter of cookies that were still warm. “Would you at least like to take some cookies with you?”

“I never turn down cookies, but please do not call me back again. I need to catch up on the children’s letters.”

“So, they just say my name, Santa Claus, three times and I appear? How did they figure that out?” I mumbled. “Hope they don’t go telling everyone about this. I’ll never get anything done.”

When I arrived back in my office, I settled into my easy chair and began reading a letter.

Before I knew it, I found myself standing in front of dozens of children. All of them were screaming “Santa! You came!!” Suddenly, all the boys and girls ran in my direction.

Even though I was much bigger, there were so many that I stumbled, flinging my arms wildly. As I tried to steady myself, I began shouting.

Before I hit the ground, I found myself lying back in my chair with Ms. Claus leaning over me. “Are you okay Santa?”

I sat up quickly. “Did you call me? Please tell me you didn’t call me.”

“I’m not sure what you mean. I came over to bring you some hot cocoa and found you sound asleep, squirming and screaming. I think you were having a bad dream.”

“Hope so. All anyone had to do was say ‘Santa Claus’ three times, and I would appear. I couldn’t finish anything! I was being pulled from place to place. The last time dozens of little children ran to hug me, and I lost my balance. I love children, but it was crazy.”

“I think you may have taken this letter too seriously,” Anya responded, looking at the one I had been reading. “This little boy wished he could just say your name, and you would come to see him.”

“Could be. Glad it was only a dream.”

“You know Santa, you cannot make everyone happy all the time.”

“You’re right, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try.”

Notes From Santa

I hope you enjoyed today’s story. Stories are posted on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, except December. Santa’s next story will be posted on Saturday April, 20, 2024.  If you have any comments or if there is something you would like me to tell you about, please feel free to leave me a comment. Until the next time . . .

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One Wish

The scent of freshly baked cookies wafted through Elfkin Hall, and the sound of laughter echoed through the room. Seated on candy cane-striped cushions, several elves talked aloud about making wishes.

“Imagine if we could have one wish for anything we wanted,” mused Jingles, as he stirred his hot cocoa. “What would you wish for, Tinsel?”

Without any hesitation, Tinsel replied, “I’d wish for an endless supply of candy canes! Imagine never running out of peppermint goodness – a dream come true!”

“Seems selfish to me,” Sprinkle complained. “I would wish for peace on earth, so families everywhere could spend time together without fear or conflict.”

“I’d want to be like Santa and spread happiness wherever I go,” added Twinkle, her cheeks glowing. “To see smiles on faces, and hearts filled with warmth – that’s all I could ever ask for.”

Jingles leaned forward. “Those are interesting, but wishing for one thing would be a hard decision.”

Ms. Claus and I moved closer to the group after over-hearing their wishes. “I agree with Jingles,” I said. You can’t decide too quickly on one specific thing. It takes time to think.”

While the elves nodded in agreement, Anya and I settled ourselves in a couple of comfortable chairs. “I remember a story about a man who was granted one wish,” I began. “He had a really hard time deciding what he wanted because he needed so much. Wishing takes a lot of planning.”

Before I started, several more elves joined the group and listened.

A very long time ago a man and his wife lived on a small farm in Ireland with the man’s elderly parents. The man’s mother had lost her eyesight a long time ago and his father wasn’t in good health. Sadly, the young couple had no child of their own. For several years they had wished for one, but had never been blessed.

The young man managed to keep the farm going and to keep food on the table for his family. But when a disease destroyed their crops, the four of them had very little to eat and no money to buy food. The man knew it was up to him to save the others and decided to hunt for some food on their landlord’s property.

Now the landlord was not very nice and didn’t like to share. He threatened that anyone caught hunting on his land would be hanged.

“That’ scary!” Tinsel said aloud. “I don’t think I’d take the risk.”

“What did he do, Santa?” Twinkle asked.

Well, the young man knew the risk he was taking, but he felt he had no choice. He took an old hatchet and crept over the wall into the landlord’s estate.

He searched all day for something to kill. Just as the sun set, he spotted a beautiful, white deer. As he lifted the hatchet to strike, the deer spoke. “Spare me and I will grant you one wish.”

The elves gasped and gathered closer.

The young man was so frightened that he nearly collapsed on the spot! “A talking deer? A wish? What nonsense is this?” he thought.

But the deer continued. “If you kill me, your landlord will hang you. If you ask for a wish, it could save you and your family. Come back tomorrow with your answer. I’ll be here. If you decide not to make a wish, then you can kill me to feed your family.”

The elves shook their heads and began to discuss what to do. Finally, Jingles asked, “What did he do?!”

The young man could not believe what he had heard. He thought the hunger was starting to affect him. He walked home, and the first person he met was his father. He told him about the deer and the chance of a wish. The old man immediately said, “Wish for gold. Gold will solve all our problems.”

The young man loved and respected his father, but decided to discuss it with his mother as well. She listened to his tale and pleaded, “Wish for my eyesight to be restored. That is more precious than gold.”

The young man loved his mother and thought about her answer, but he felt he should also discuss it with his wife.

She listened to his tale and immediately said, “Husband, I love your mother and your father, but we have been praying for a child. Surely that is the most precious wish!”

“Take the gold!” yelled one elf.

“NO!” another elf exclaimed. “What about his mother’s eyesight?”

“Children are the most precious,” several elves cried in unison.

I held up my hand, and the hall went silent. “Thank you. Now I’ll continue.”

The man didn’t know what to do since he could have only one wish. He tossed and turned all night. Unable to sleep, he thought killing the deer to feed his family was best.

The next morning, he returned to the landlord’s property and found the white deer in the same spot. The young man stood there, watching it graze while trying to decide. Finally, he raised his hatchet and was about to strike when he came up with an idea.

The deer gazed at the young man and asked, “Have you made a decision?”

“Yes, I have,” he replied.

“Name your wish, and it shall be granted.”

I paused and looked at the elves. “What wish do you think he made?”

“Kill the deer!” a few yelled out.

“Take the gold!” shouted the elves in the back.

Jingles stood up and turned to his friends. “But neither of those would make his mother see, or bless him and his wife with a child.”

The elves discussed what Jingles had said. Turning sadly in my direction, they shook their heads. Twinkle stood up. “Santa, how do you wish for something when someone is going to be left out?”

“Now you know how hard it is to decide on one thing.” I smiled and stood up. “If you take your time and think, an answer will appear. The young man was smart and patient. Do you want to know what he did?”

“Yes,” they shouted.

Well, the young man took a deep breath and said, “I wish my mother could see my wife rocking our child in a golden cradle.”

His wish was granted, and they lived happily ever after.

All the elves went quiet until Tinsel said, “Wow, everyone got what they wanted.”

While the elves clapped and hugged one another, Anya came up beside me, slipping her arm through mine. “Wonderful story, Santa. Old folk tales are the best.”

Notes From Santa

I hope you enjoyed today’s story. Stories are posted on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, except December. Santa’s next story will be posted on Saturday April 6, 2024.  If you have any comments or if there is something you would like me to tell you about, please feel free to leave me a comment. Until the next time . . .

Santa’s story was based on One Wish, an old Irish Folktale

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Autistic Elf

I was in my office reviewing the changes in production lines for next Christmas when Ms. Claus strolled in with a tray in her hands. “Have some time to share a cookie and hot cocoa with me?”

“Definitely,” I said and helped my wife set the platter on the table.

As we sat on the couch munching on cookies, there was a knock on the door.

“Santa,” Bernard called out as he entered, “the train production line has a problem with the updates we made.”

Looking at my wife, I began, “I hope you don’t mind . . .”

“Go,” my wife interrupted. “I understand. We can have our snack when you’re finished.”

“Thanks! I won’t be long.”

Bernard and I hurried in the direction of the workshop and saw Tracks, the elf in charge, waiting for us. “This doesn’t look good,” I mumbled.

“Thanks for coming so quickly,” Tracks said as he steered us inside and down the aisle. “The line was only running a few minutes when all of a sudden there was a loud thud. Then the workers saw smoke when the line came to a complete stop.”

As we approached, I noticed all the elves from the workshop standing by the production line except for one. I nodded toward him and asked Tracks, “Is there a problem with Jasper that he’s by himself?”

“That’s pretty normal. The other elves haven’t figured out how to interact with an autistic elf yet.”

When Ms. Claus and I decided to bring Jasper to the North Pole several months ago, we felt certain that the elves would help him adjust. Now I wasn’t so sure.

“Santa, are you listening?” Bernard stared at me impatiently. “What are we going to do about the line?”

“Sorry. I was thinking about something else. Go ahead, you were saying?” I listened as Bernard and Tracks discussed the issue, but I could not take my eyes off of Jasper. He was playing with a popper and spinner while looking all over the workshop.

“I think we need an elf that has an eye for detail, can think creatively, and deals well with visual tasks,” Bernard stated. “What do you think about bringing Manny in from maintenance to fix it?”

“Yeah, Manny would be good,” Tracks responded. “Should I call him to come over?”

Rubbing my beard, I turned and gazed at Bernard and Tracks. “Wait a minute. If I remember correctly, part of Jasper’s skill set was his eye for detail. Let him have a look at it first.”

“What? Why?!” Bernard demanded.

“First of all, we are upgrading equipment and not in the middle of the Christmas rush, so it’s not urgent. Second, Jasper has the skills needed to analyze and fix it. Tracks, ask him to come over here.” I glared at Bernard and added, “It’s time Jasper proved himself, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, I get it, but are you sure about this, Santa?” Bernard whispered.

I put my arm around his shoulders. “Jasper does struggle with social interactions, and has a unique way of seeing the world we live in,” I explained. “But his focus on certain tasks, his eye for detail, and his creative thinking may be just the thing we need here.”

When Jasper arrived, I explained the problem and asked the young elf if he’d like to try and fix it. His face was anxious as he paced back and forth while muttering. After a couple of minutes, he took a deep breath. “I can try.”

Walking over to the line, Jasper examined the layout. Then he began tightening the gears and adjusting the wires.

All the elves in the workshop watched in amazement as Jasper worked to solve the problem. When it was fixed, he smiled, and walked back to his usual work station.

Bernard and Tracks gave me a surprised look as if to ask ‘What now?’

“Let’s fire this line up and see what it can do,” I yelled and stood back to watch the machinery groan into action.

I noticed how the train line increased its speed and was working more smoothly than it had before. The elves cheered and went over to congratulate Jasper.

Tracks shook his head. “Amazing.  I’m not sure I would have done what you did, Santa.”

“Gotta trust that your workers know what to do. Jasper may be different, but he is a valuable member of your team.”

“I can see that now, and so do the others.” Tracks smiled and shook my hand. “Thanks Santa.”

I headed back to find Ms. Claus and share some hot cocoa and a cookie or two. When l strolled into my office, I explained what had happened at the train workshop with Jasper.

“So, do the elves have a new appreciation for him and his talents?” she asked.

“From the looks on their faces, I think they understand what Jasper can do. I bet they’ll soon learn how to talk with Jasper in a way that makes sense to him. When they embrace his routines and oddities with patience and understanding,” I explained, “then that team of elves will be humming like a well-oiled machine. No pun intended,” I laughed.

Anya chuckled and walked over to give me a big hug. “Santa, you always look for the good in anyone you meet. I wish children and adults everywhere would embrace the power of acceptance and the magic that comes from a different point of view!”

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Lego Contest

The dining room was buzzing with talk about the contest. Since the first of the year, the elves had been behind closed doors, designing and building something special from Legos.

“I think the elves are more excited about the Lego parade than they were for Christmas,” Anya teased.

“I don’t think so! Christmas IS the MOST exciting day!” I growled turning to hide the grin on my face.

“Real funny, big guy! So how many entries are there this year?” my wife asked.

“Each of the 15 toy workshops entered the contest. I’m a little concerned though.”


“How do I choose the best, especially since all of them have put so much work into their Lego creations.”

Before Anya could respond, Hobbs, manager of the Arts & Crafts Workshop, placed a small plate of cookies on the table. “We had extra and thought you might like them, Santa.”

I gave the elf a suspicious look. “This wouldn’t be a bribe for me to vote on your workshop’s entry.”

The foreman put his hands on his chest and grinned. “What? Me? I’m insulted you’d think that!”

After the elf left, I looked at Anya. “Cookies were obviously meant for me, but you’re a judge as well.”

“Not to worry. Hulta gave me some beautiful flowers earlier on behalf of her Stuffed Animal’s workshop.”

I reached for a cookie and laughed. “It is fun getting all these extras.”

My wife gently slapped my hand. “Maybe you should save those cookies for later.”

“You’re right. We better get out to the courtyard. The parade should be starting soon.”

After I wrapped the cookies and stuffed them in my pocket, we left for the courtyard. A crowd of excited elves cheered when Ms. Claus and I arrived and walked up the gazebo steps.

“We didn’t get a welcome like that,” Bernard teased.

“Santa’s arrival means we can start the Lego parade,” Highstep joked and poked Bernard with his elbow.

Lego FlowerBefore anyone else said anything, the first Lego float appeared. It was a flower, about five foot wide, made by the Science and Nature workshop.

“Look at the blend of reds and yellows used to create the flower,” Ms. Claus began. “Exquisite.”

As the flower passed by, Highstep was jumping up and down. “OMG, look at what’s coming next!”

“A Delorian,” I murmured. “Whoa this was created by the members of the Cars-Trucks workshop. That type of car was made in 1981 and 1982. I remember when it appeared in, Back to the Future? Great movie,” I exclaimed.

“I think you’ll find the next one equally impressive,” Anya commented as a full-size Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, made by the Bicycle and Scooter’s workshop, came into view.

“Cool,” I said and my two elves nodded in agreement.

“Oh my,” Anya gasped, “Check out the replica of Australia’s Opera House. IOpera House didn’t think Building and Construction could make shapes like that with Legos.”

Then the Opera House began to turn to show the back side. “Now that’s amazing!” I cried. “Look! It’s open and you can see inside the building!”

“Spectacular!” the four of us whispered.

As the parade continued, we watched several floats pass in front of us. Each as unique as the next.

  • Arts and Crafts- Spouting volcano
  • Board and Card Games- Game of Clue with moving parts
  • Electronic Toys and Games- Robot with glowing eyes
  • Kites, Planes, and Rockets- Rocket ready to take off in a cloud of smoke and fire
  • Special Stuffed Animals- Orca leaping above the waves
  • Sports and Outdoors- Player shooting a soccer ball into the goal
  • Clothing and Shoes- Four styles of snow boots from around the world

When the last two floats passed by, Anya and I were amazed. Dolls and Costumes had joined together and displayed two costumes for the doll in a stroller. This was followed by Trains and Wooden toys who developed a toy train pulled by a child.

“Can you believe that,” Highstep and Bernard yelled. “The elves outdid themselves this year.”

Lego MotorcycleThe elves then gathered around the gazebo and waited while the four judges conferred with each other. “I think all the workshops created some amazing items,” Bernard stated as he looked at each of us. “But if I had to choose, I’d say the winner was Australia’s Opera House.”

“Well, I disagree,” began Highstep. “The only choice here is the Delorian.”

“But what about the flower,” Anya questioned. “That was gorgeous! Santa, what was your favorite?”

“Well, I can see why you all picked the ones you did.” I stroked my beard and wondered who deserved to win.  When I saw the judges looking to me for a resolution, I nodded. “Okay, I think I got this.”

I turned towards the crowd of elves and held my hands up to quiet them down. “Thank you all for being here today, and a special thanks to the elves who worked on these fantastic Lego exhibits. I know everyone is anxious to know the winner, so here it is. The most unusual vehicle goes to the Delorian.”

“The elves began cheering, and again I raised my hands to settle them down. “For best Nature, the winner is the flower. The most intricate was the Opera House. For best animal . . .”

Bernard, whispered to the other judges, “Leave it to Santa to figure out a way for everyone to win!”

“I don’t think any of us would expect anything less from Santa than to make everyone happy,” Anya murmured and stood proudly with the two elves while I gave out the awards.

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Pictures from Bricktionary Exhibit

The Lost Bear

“Santa, you need to settle down. There is nothing you can do at this point,” my wife groaned as she watched me pace back and forth.

“I know, I know, but this is not like Polar Pete,” I snapped. “If this was Heddy the Yeti, I wouldn’t worry. He often travels long distances to see his friends and can be gone for weeks at a time. Not our polar bear friend. He never misses visiting us for more than one day at a time, and it’s been two weeks now!”

“He’s not lost,” sighed Anya and shook her head. “Pete is the biggest, strongest, and fastest tracking polar bear at the North Pole.”

“Yes, but . . .” I began and was interrupted when Onni, our Artic fox friend, trotted towards us. “Did you find him?” I asked.

“Sorry Santa. I checked all the places where I usually see Pete and didn’t even catch a whiff of him. You know Pete can take care of himself.”

Suddenly the ground trembled, and I looked back over my shoulder. At first, I thought the snow hill was moving and chuckled. At eight foot tall with long white fur, Heddy the Yeti often blended in with his surroundings. I quickly turned to face him. “Did you find Pete?”

He shook his head. “Didn’t even see his paw prints.”

My wife and I nodded. Putting her arm around my shoulders, Anya tried to cheer me up. “Nippy is still out there. I’m sure he will have some luck finding him.”

“Did I hear someone mention my name?” Nippy yelled as he came over a snow bank. With his plaid ear flaps waving in the wind, he slid down the hill and stopped in front of us.

“Sorry to disappoint you Santa and Ms. Claus, but I didn’t see any sign of my buddy.” As Nippy looked around and saw how sad everyone was, he clacked his hockey stick arms together and hollered, “Santa, I know how you can find Pete.”

“What would that be?”

“I’m surprised you didn’t think of it. Why not search for him from the air?”

“That’s a GREAT idea. We could cover a lot more ground.” Excited I contacted Highstep and told him to hook up a couple reindeer to Ms. Claus’ sleigh, The Dulcet, and bring it over to the west end of the village right away.

When Highstep arrived, Anya and I wasted no time getting into the sled. Taking the reins, I guided Clarice and Olive along a flat surface till we could feel them lift it into the air. “Anya,” I called out, “you keep looking to the right side of the sleigh. I’ll keep my eyes searching to my left.”

“Spotting Pete from the air will be a challenge,” my wife shouted. “His white fur helps him blend into his snowy surroundings.”

The sleigh glided about 60 feet above the ground. Anya and I strained to see any movement below us. I followed the usual path Pete took to and from the village, but we saw nothing.

As I guided the reindeer further towards the Arctic Sea, I heard Anya cry, “Over there.” She pointed ahead and to my right. Both of us yelled as we spotted what looked like Pete.

“Who or what is with him?” I shouted when the reindeer pulled the sleigh closer.

“That’s definitely Pete,” my wife said. “You can tell by the way he lumbers from side to side as he walks.”

Approaching slowly, I watched as Pete looked skyward. “Santa,” he bellowed and stood on his hind legs. “What brings you out this way?”

Hovering above Pete, I roared, “Where have you been? We’ve been worried sick. Thought something had happened to you!”

Pete’s companion turned to gaze up at us. “Oh my,” I heard Anya whisper, “he has a girlfriend.”

I winked as we looked at one another. “I don’t think Pete wanted to be found, do you?” I whispered and grinned.

“Sorry for any worry I might have caused.” Pete pointed his paw toward another polar bear. “I’ve been spending time with my new girlfriend, Blaire.”

After my wife and I controlled our giggling, Anya called out, “Glad to meet you Blaire.”

“Nice to finally meet you and Santa,” she responded and nudged Pete with her nose.

“We were making our way to the village so that Blaire could get acquainted with everyone. Shouldn’t take too long,” Pete informed us.

“Thanks Pete. I’ll let the others know. You’ve had a lot of us worried sick, so pick up the pace.”

I turned the sleigh around and headed back to where our other friends were waiting. When we arrived, we told the others about Pete and his new friend.

By the time the two bears finally arrived at the village, a big crowd of elves had gathered. Everyone was interested in meeting Pete’s new girlfriend.

“Pete, I’m so happy for the two of you!” Giving Pete’s new friend a hug, Anya continued, “Blaire, welcome to our Christmas Village family. I can’t wait to get to know you better.”

With a concerned look, Nippy grumbled, “Does this mean we won’t have our time together anymore?”

“Of course not!” Blaire answered for Pete. “You will still be friends, and you’ll get to spend as much time with him as you always did. But sometimes you may need to share that time with me as well.”

“I’m all in with that!” Heddy and Onni said in unison.

“I think it’s exciting to have another friend,” the Artic fox added. “What do you think Santa?”

“Well, I don’t think you can ever have too many friends. Any friend of my friends, is a friend of mine as well.”

“Well said, Santa,” my wife remarked and gave me a hug.

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Christmas Presents

I sat in front of our fireplace after dinner and stared at the flames. Things had gone well enough for Christmas 2023, but something still bothered me.

I heard Ms. Claus enter. “Thought you might like a hot cup of cocoa and a cookie for dessert,” she whispered and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek.

“You know me too well,” I responded as Anya settled into her chair with tea and a cookie.

“It’s nice to sit down and enjoy a fire together for a change,” she said. “It gives us a chance to talk about Christmas and what you noticed this year about the children.”

“I was just thinking about that.” I turned to face Anya and nodded my head. “Remember when I started doing this and gave children clothes, shoes, food, and sometimes a wooden toy? They were so happy.”

Anya sipped her tea and smiled. “That’s what they needed in those days.”

“Yes, it was, and they were thankful for what they received. Today it’s different.”

“What do you mean?” my wife asked as she shifted to better see my face.

I leaned my head back and thought for a minute before responding. “Well for one it’s not about what they need anymore. It’s all about what they want, and many of them want a lot!”

“That doesn’t sound too unusual. Children seem to want more these days, but most understand that they won’t get everything they ordered. So, what’s really bothering you?” Anya patted my hand and gave me a quizzical look.

“Yes, I agree, but when children rattle off a list of things like iPhones, televisions, refrigerators for their rooms, and dirt bikes I wonder if they have forgotten that giving not just receiving is also important.”

“Now wait a minute. There’s nothing wrong with a dirt bike,” Anya said. “It still gets kids outside using their energy to peddle their way through the outdoors.”

“They are not asking for the trail bikes we make. They want the motorized ones!” I exclaimed. “And can you believe, girls as young as five are asking for make-up and skin care.”

“That does seem a bit young to be concerned about such things.”

“I feel like they are more interested in growing up than just enjoying their childhood.”

I watched my wife settle back in her chair with a look of concern. “Santa, I’m sure not all children are asking for those things.”

“No, you’re right. Most are very practical. They ask for just a couple of things for themselves. I even had more children asking for things for others this year than I ever had. One little girl said she had everything she wanted. Then she told me to give her gifts to someone who really needed them. Finally, she thanked me for what I do! Imagine that.”

“See, Santa, all is not lost if children are putting other’s needs over theirs.” Anya took my hand in hers and gave it a little squeeze. “Now tell me, what was the most memorable moment for you this year?”

I didn’t hesitate to answer. “My visit with five-year-old Vaughn.”

“When? Where? You never said anything about it.”

“I know. Never had time till now. You’ll love this one. After laying out all the presents, I sat down to admire the tree and have one of their delicious-looking snickerdoodles. Suddenly, I heard a little voice by my left elbow say, ‘Hi Santa’. I looked over and saw Vaughn with a big grin on his face.”

“Well, all I could do was laugh. Then he giggled and grabbed a snickerdoodle. ‘Mama says that out of all the cookies we put out, you always eat these. They’re my favorite too.”

I sat him on my lap, and we ate our cookies. When finished, he ran over to the tree and grabbed a small package. ‘I have been waiting all year to give this to you,’ he explained, so we opened it together.”

Anya clapped her hands in excitement. “Bet you didn’t see that coming?”

“No, I didn’t. Made me happy. Inside was a Turtle Dove and an empty space for another one. I looked up and asked him where the other dove was. Told me it was in his room. ‘Now we can be friends forever,’ he whispered.”

“I had to think a minute and then remembered his mom telling me that Home Alone 2 was his favorite movie. He especially liked when the toymaker in the movie gave Kevin two Turtle Doves and explained that as long as each had a turtle dove, they would be friends forever.”

“How Sweet! I’m sure you were touched,” Anya said as I readjusted my glasses to wipe away the tears creeping into the corners of my eyes.

I nodded and took a deep breath. “Have my dove on the desk in my office. Every time I look at it, I think about Vaughn and all the children who have such big hearts.”

“Well Santa,” Ms. Claus began as she stood and leaned over to give me a hug, “I think we can say that this Christmas has shown you that there is much hope for the future when these gracious children grow into adults.”

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Delivery Problems

“What do you mean the sleigh is not ready?” I demanded. “Tomorrow is January 7th, and the children in the 18 countries who celebrate Christmas based on the Orthodox calendar are expecting me.”

Sledge helplessly shrugged his shoulders and looking down at the ground replied, “Santa I do not know what happened. All my improvements worked fine for your December 25th deliveries, but when I was running through the pre-flight check list for your departure, the right truss and runner would not go back down.”

“You mean one is down and the other is up?”

“That’s right, and I am not sure what is wrong,” Sledge remarked scratching his head, “but I’m working on it. If I can’t get it ready in time, would one of the mail sleighs work?” he asked.

“That’s a tight squeeze, but I might be able to make it work if necessary,” I replied. “While you work on fixing the sleigh, I’ll talk with Houser in the warehouse,” I explained heading out the door as Sledge slipped under the sleigh to try and fix the problem.

I found Houser just inside the entrance to the warehouse directing the elves with packages to the proper location for delivery. “Houser, do you have a moment; we may have an issue.”

Seeing the concern on my face, Houser immediately said, “Rackem, can you take over? Santa needs to talk with me.” Handing him the clipboard, Houser pointed in the direction of his office, and the two of us walked down the hallway.

As Houser settled into his desk chair, he asked, “What can I help you with Santa?”

Pacing slowly across the room, I explained, “There is an issue with my sleigh, and I may have to use one of the mail sleighs for the January 7th deliveries. Can you make that happen?”

“To be honest, there isn’t a lot of space in them for the deliveries you’ll be making on the 7th.”

“That’s why I came down to see you,” I said. “What if the gifts were broken into two batches, could you send them to me that way?”

Houser leaned back in his chair and stared at the ceiling. Snapping his finger, he smiled. “I think we can make that work. Once I know the capacity of a mail sleigh,” he explained, “I’m thinking we might get the gifts for a family of three in the bag. Then for larger families, I could tele-transport a second batch of gifts.”

“I will lose a bit of time waiting for the second batch, but with only 18 countries that should not be an issue. It’s probably good that it didn’t happen on December 25th when I had 120 countries to visit.”

“Don’t worry Santa, I got this,” Houser stated. “I’ll start preparing the warehouse for multiple deliveries. We should have enough time to prepare things by tomorrow.” Before I could even respond Houser was out the door.

Confident, I headed back to the sleigh barn. When I entered, I saw Sledge standing in front of the drafting table where he had the blueprints for the truss and runner retractor. “Have you found anything?” I asked hoping he would say yes.

Sledge put his hands on his hips, shook his head and said, “I’m afraid not Santa. All I seem to have found is a strange scent coming from under the sleigh.”

“What kind of scent?” I demanded.

“Why? What would that have to do with the problem?” When Sledge realized I was serious, he continued, “It was a funky, earthy smell with a hint of Sulphur. I figured it was something you picked up ….”

“Malodor!” I shouted without letting him finish, “Show me where you noticed the odor on the sleigh.”

As soon as I sniffed the area, I knew I was right. “No mistaking that stink. You are right; it is something I picked up while making my deliveries.”

“What’s a Malodor?” Sledge wanted to know.

“Not a what. Malodor is a who. You see, many years ago when I needed help making all the toys, I also considered using Gremlins. I chose elves because they were so caring, smart, and quick. Well, there was one Turdish Gremlin from Turden Island in the Arctic Circle who has never forgiven me.”

“And you think he sabotaged your sleigh?”

“He does try to do things like this from time to time. It’s been many years since the last time he did anything. Honestly, after we caught him trying to tell the Scout Elves that they did not need to report back to me each night, I thought he finally gave up.”

“But Santa, knowing who did it, does not help me fix it!”

“Actually, it does. Whatever he did, it has to be in the area near the scent. I’m confident that you will find your answer there.” Not waiting for a response, I turned and headed to the mailroom to check last-minute letters that needed my attention.

As I entered the mail room, Ms. Claus met me with a grin. “Sledge just called,” she remarked. “He said to tell you that you were right, and the sleigh is ready for tomorrow night.”

“As soon as I knew Malodor was involved, I realized Sledge could find the problem.”

“Malodor? Santa, please tell me he has not returned,” Anya said as she stood up.

“Yes, he has, and as usual the smell he left behind helped me direct Sledge where to look and what to do.”

“You know Santa,” Ms. Claus began as she gave me a hug, “one of these days he is going to do something you can’t fix and ruin Christmas for a lot of children.”

“That may be true Anya, but we outsmarted Malodor this time. However, we are going to have to watch for him. At least for now, we know the last of my deliveries will be made without any problems.”

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Illustration by FireMane Studio