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remaining until Christmas.
Santa Claus Belt Buckle

Bring Home the Magic

Magical Pre-Christmas Visit

With bells ringing and many Ho Ho Ho's, Santa Claus will come to your home! The children will experience the wonder of Santa and discover some secrets of the North Pole as Santa comes prepared to tell stories about the North Pole, which may include: his reindeer and how they fly, how he gets down the chimney or in the house if there is no chimney, how he gets all the toys into his bag, how Never fairies help him and more.

Santa will bring his list that has all the children in it. It shows if they are on the Nice List or the Naughty List, and some items from their wish list. These pages let Santa know the good things they have done and things mom and dad may want them to improve. If they have an Elf, Santa knows him/her and can share stories about the Elf.

When it's time for the children to receive their gifts (if the parents chose to do this), imagine the excitement as each child receives a gift directly from Santa.

Cost of this family experience is only $175.00. Book Your Home Visit Now!

Smart Santa Magical Visit

How do you know my name?

It happens in the movies all the time. A child walks up to Santa and he instantly knows their name, age, all about their family, among other information, all without looking at any notes. Through the wonders of technology this Christmas Magic can be performed with your children. Using some of the most advanced electronics, Santa is hooked up to an assistant that provides the answers to things only Santa would know. While the electronics are important for this effect, the most crucial component is my assistant. Through careful management and concealment she is the one who provides Santa with the answers to the things that only the real Santa would know.

As a general rule, it takes three "Santa Qualifiers" for a child to believe that they have found the Real Santa. Our favorites are the childs name, their age, and their favorite gift that Santa brought them last year. You will not believe the reaction of your children to the Smart Santa." Bring the wonder back into your and your children's Christmas!

Due to the technology and the need for my assistant the cost of this experience is $250.00. Book Your Smart Santa Visit Now!

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