There are days
remaining until Christmas.
Santa Claus Belt Buckle

Bring Home the Magic

Magical Pre-Christmas Visit

Each visit is designed to provide a completely personalized Santa experience for all the children at your holiday party.


If you have gifts for the children, Santa will meet you before his arrival and will bring the gifts in his bag.

Santa Arrives

With bells ringing and many Ho Ho Ho's, Santa Claus will come to your home! The children will be surprised and excited when they see Santa, so be sure to have a camera ready!

Santa Visits with Each Child

Santa opens the Big Red Book that has all the children in it. It shows if they are on the Nice List or the Naughty List, and some items from their wish list. These pages let Santa know the good things they have done and things mom and dad may want them to improve. If they have an Elf on the Shelf, Santa knows him/her and can share stories about the Elf.

Story Time with Santa

Santa will share Stroies from the North Pole with the children. Imagine Santa telling them stories about how his reindeer fly, how he gets down the chimney, or how he fits all those toys in his bag.

Santa's Big Red Bag

When it's time for the children to receive their gifts (if the parents chose to do this), imagine the excitement as each child receives a gift directly from Santa.

Photos with Santa

Extra time is included for group photos including siblings, parents, friends and the children! After all the photos have been taken, it is time for Santa's exit.

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